Three Kids and a Lemonade Stand

“What your church does for kids will make adults better Christians”

This quote, heard at The Orange Tour in Charlotte two weeks ago, has stuck with me. As Director of Cross-Generational Ministry, I get to share stories of young people doing ministry that inspire and shape people of all ages. Traditionally, the church has viewed young people as missions to be ministered to. Instead of viewing them as such, what if we viewed young people as partners in ministry, ones we could not only teach but learn from as well? This week, I heard about a really cool thing some of our congregation’s kids did on a recent Sunday afternoon. I decided I needed to interview one of them to learn more about it! So, please enjoy this conversation I had with Lillian and remember, she’s not the future of the church… she is (and all of our young people are) the church!


Andrew: Hi Lillian! Tell me, what did you do a week ago last Sunday?

Lillian: I did a lemonade stand for Mnene parish with my good friends Avery and Alexa Levine at my house. We also had Nilla Wafers and Chips Ahoy.

A: How did you come up with the idea of a lemonade stand?

L: I wanted to do this because I wanted to help Mnene Parish have a lot of food so they can survive.

A: How did you first hear about Mnene and what made you want to support them?

L: I heard about them (at Good Shepherd) when I first came here. When I hear people are in need, I start working on what is my plan to help get them more food and whatever they need.

A: What did people say when they came to your lemonade stand and you told them where the money was going?

L: People started saying “That’s great that you’re doing that. I think that’s a great idea!” And I said “Thank You”, no matter how much they were able to give.


A: How much did you raise?

L: We raised $101!

A: Holy cow, that’s awesome! Did that surprise you? How much did you think you were going to raise?

L: Yea, I thought I was going to raise $71.

A: Do you have plans for any more fundraisers?

L: Yea, I wanna have a hot chocolate stand when it’s cold.

A: Do you think you’ll ever visit Mnene?

L: Yea, when I’m older. I wanna see Freeman.

A: Who’s Freeman?

L: Freeman’s the kid who we support in Mnene parish. He’s in one of the pictures in church… you may have seen him. He’s one of the younger kids in the pic. We write to Freeman and he writes back.

A: Lillian, that’s amazing. Thank you for your time and for supporting Mnene!

L: Thank you!

A BIG thank you to Lillian and her parents Cara and Todd for allowing us to share this story! For more information on Mnene Parish, please visit:


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